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 droprates from bosses and info from GA

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PostSubject: droprates from bosses and info from GA   Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:26 am

Heey all,

I´ve had a talk with bloody yesterday bout some stuff and a ADMIN would make a topic butttt (oehh butt) since they dont do it... your everyday hero (me) will write it Cool

Item drop rates:
Herowings from paris: 3,5%
Hero secmathian armor pieces per piece: 3,8%
Von Cliff earrings: 4%
Darkbat from Elga: 2%
Black dragon weapon and armor = 0,000001% --> he wasn't really serious about this one the goofer :p

Other things... Soon a new patch will come, New Origin nr 2, there will be no arka f7 at all. Yesterday bloody been working on free drakan armors. gold drop rate is x15 now.
The damage CAP will NOTTTT be removed (damn that) so that sucks doesnt it... he thinks the game would be to easy then....

BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT (lots of butt) in the new origin update nr2 he will make Elga easier bounce bounce bounce lesser hp and def.
cuz he been solo'ing elga... he does 150k damage per shot on his priest and took him 1 full hour to beat elga!!! so he is gonna adjust that ^^
and some new stuff will be added to the shop, like a new weapon for priest that rocks, shoots like 9 bubbles at the same time orso....

but this is kinda all i wanted to share Wink

*passing the microphone to samwise the great*

edit: yeaaahh im a GS and GA stalker these days, Timmy (astaroth,santa etc etc) tells the damage cap willl be removed and that bloody just likes to trolll around :p
soooo we will see how that turns out Very Happy dont give up the hope there!!

peace and i love u all

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PostSubject: Re: droprates from bosses and info from GA   Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:36 am

Thanks for all the useful information.

☼ Stickied

EDIT: Can't find the sticky button, fml. Sad

EDIT 2: Oh nvm, found it.
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droprates from bosses and info from GA
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