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 Sherrif's time to shine :D

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PostSubject: Sherrif's time to shine :D   Sat Nov 26, 2011 1:56 pm

Woohooo my turn in the spotlight #5 *grabbing microphone*

So what is intresting to write here...mmm gonna write some and see if u peeps like it ^^ my name is Alex and im 16 years old in game (i started to count backwards after i turned 20, do the maths :p ). I am a full time physiotherapy student, im in my second year atm which gives is kinda awesome. for example!! in my internship this week a patient of us was happy with all his therapists that he brought all of us beer from Poland!! oeh oeh and funny stuff u have to know!! on the cann, they put a picture that shows: Don't penetrate the cann with ur key to drink... ahahaha cranked me up!

anywayz *trying to focus* im suppose to be Dutch, born in Amsterdam, raised elsewhere in Holland ^^ but i haven't alllways lived in Holland. When i was 19 I moved to London (UK) and became a fitnessinstructor, personal trainers, grouplesson instructor and one of the managers of another club when i turned 20. butt (oeh butt) back then the economical crisis kicked in after 1 year living there, so I moved to Spain with my ex gf, hmm area..Costa Brava, I lived there for another year till I got single again and moved back to Holland. so high five on living 2 years not in Holland :p

Been working for a year of longer back then in the logictics business full time to get some money and all. But i went back to study something higher, is how I got to study physio. nowadayz I work as a fitnessinstructor as a sidejob, but i get to treat most medical related cases and i loveee to annoy people irl aswell :p even better they love me in return for that Very Happy:D

So now i will give u a tour around my crib Very Happy nahh kidding on that one Razz

What i like to do in my spare time.. well i love to travel (to Belgium mostly now), MTB (mountainbike), listening to music (all sorts) and watch documentaries on tv or youtube bout the universe or how the human brain works, really cool stuffz there ^_^ and i have friend irl!!! woohoo i know u didn't think I would have them... but I do Very Happy
love to hang out with them, but we are all busy people so doesnt happen as much we would like :p

hmm i might just aswell post my CV here and be done... hmm no thats classified info!

hmmm some more stuff related to the game... I used to play EU before EVO aswell.
EU: I got a lvl80 berserker (named Sherrif) in the guild of Ichigo tagg, also a lvl62 Choasmage (named endorfine) in the guild of Stars BG. and i got 6 more charcs, but im not gona write them all here Very Happy

In evo i got 2 charcs, a dragoon named: Sherrif ( i knew, u knew the answer, and i know, u know that is was obvious to know that one). which is a PVE charc, dont like PVP..
and i got a lvl35 knight named Quapo. which isnt active ^^ beside these 2 I help out a dear friend from EU to lvl a monk for her due her busy time table. So i help jubilee out on the monk raising with tami supporting the good cause Very Happy (jubilee is a member of stars).

Beside all of this i also enjoy the youtube channel alot, like comedy and music mostly. feel free to send me stuffs that u think is worthy of watching!!!

okeeej peeps, thats it for now. maybe next time a tour around my crib Very Happy

kisses for the ladies and high five for the lads ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Sherrif's time to shine :D   Sat Nov 26, 2011 2:20 pm


Had to grab some tea before starting to read this (it's long)
but I see you've been to places, which is the best thing there is . .

Nice intro alltogether
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PostSubject: Re: Sherrif's time to shine :D   Sat Nov 26, 2011 2:29 pm

Wow, your life is so interesting. Very Happy

I wish mine was like that, lol. I just dragonica all day, go out with friends and sleep most of the time. >.>

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PostSubject: Re: Sherrif's time to shine :D   Sat Nov 26, 2011 2:56 pm

ofc Shawn kitties must get alot of sleep #12 (gawd we need dragonica smileys here)

Alexitoooo nice intro *hugs* =D

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PostSubject: Re: Sherrif's time to shine :D   

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Sherrif's time to shine :D
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